FennelConf 2022

Location: online

Time: 12 November 2022 (Saturday @ 10:00 AM US Pacific)

This year FennelConf will simply be an online session of show-and-tell. Come share what you have been building in Fennel or just come see what people have to show off!

To sign up, email phil@hagelb.org or contact technomancy on Libera chat with a talk title. You may sign up for a short slot of 10-15 minutes for a brief demo or a longer slot of around 30 minutes if you want to give a more detailed presentation. There is no expectation that presentations should be particularly polished or fancy; don't make a slide deck unless you specifically think it will help get your point across better.

Examples of things you could talk about:

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The code of conduct for Fennel applies at FennelConf.